Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is one of the best ways to end a marriage.  Whether you are the spouse seeking divorce, your spouse has served you with divorce papers, or the two of you came to the mutual decision to end your marriage, mediation provides an affordable, respectful, and efficient means by which to do so.

Mediation brings both spouses together to discuss the issues at hand in their divorce.  The mediator oversees and facilitates the discussion.  Shannon’s job is to ensure the discussion stays focused on the important issues and to help each side see the various benefits of resolving the issue outside of the courtroom.

There are many benefits to using divorce mediation, including:

  • It is less expensive than litigation
  • It takes less time
  • It puts control of the divorce settlement into the hands of the couple
  • It ensures the children remain a priority in negotiations
  • It is confidential

Perhaps the most important benefit of divorce mediation, especially when there are children involved, is the framework it creates for former spouses to work as a team  as they will need to do in the future.  Despite the end of their marriage, divorced parents must continue to make decisions together.  Mediation gives them the tools needed to work together and helps to put in place a foundation to avoid disputes about their children in the future.

If you are in the midst of a divorce in Kansas City Metropolitan Area or you have questions about ways to end your marriage amicably, Shannon Sorensen can help.  For more information, contact Shannon at (816) 836-9950 or by email at ssorensen@lrsfamilylaw.com.


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