Custody Modification

  1. When the Parenting Plan ordered by the court needs a change in either legal custody or physical custody, a modification needs to be filed.
  2. The courts want parents to co-parent and share the decision-making rights, responsibilities, and authority relating to the health, education and welfare of their children.
  3. The courts also want parents to have significant periods of time during which a child resides with each parent.

Parenting Plans are put in place to ensure children are allowed to spend adequate time with each parent, even if his or her parents are not married.  Parenting Plans protect the rights of both parents to spend time with their children.  In instances when it is not safe for a child to be alone with a parent, specific parenting plans ensure visits are supervised or parents have limited or no access to their children.

Parenting Plans can be modified when circumstances change for the better or worse.  Sometimes parents overcome challenges in their lives and want to gain access to their children again.  In other instances, a parent or concerned individual believes the current parenting plans exposes the child to danger.  With an attorney who understands the family laws in Kansas and Missouri, she can guide and support you in making the best decisions for your family.

The court will take into account a variety of factors when making changes to parenting plans, but ultimately, it is the safety and best interest of the child that is considered.  No matter what a parent wants or does not want, the court must base its decision on many factors, including what is best for the child or children.

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